Detangling Tips for Hair Replacement Systems

When the hair in your hair system gets tangled, it can mean a lot more than just a few extra minutes of combing in the morning. By detangling your hair system the wrong way, you may inadvertently be diminishing the condition and lifespan of your investment.

Safe, Do-It-Yourself Tips

Simple, safe and effective tips that every person wearing a hair replacement system can follow to get minor hair tangles out.

Before getting into the shower wet your head and brush all the hairs toward the same direction. This adds moisture to the hair strands and will ease friction while washing.

If your hair is tangled before you get in the shower it helps to dilute your shampoo with just a little bit of water before applying. This will also make it easier to rub the shampoo into the hair.

Using a wide-tooth comb or a specially designed Vent Brush in the shower while you shampoo will help prevent hair strands from intertwining and getting caught on each other.

Professional Detangling Procedure:

May cause damage to the hair system. The following process is identical to the one commonly used by professionals in the hair replacement industry for detangling most human hair systems. However, it is recommended you consult your hair system manufacturer before proceeding. This is a relatively simple process but may result in permanent damage to your hair system if executed improperly.

  • Large sink with access to hot water
  • At least 8 litres of hot tap water
  • 1/4 cup of bleach
  • 1/4 cup of regular household ammonia
  • Wide tooth comb or Vent brush
  • Measuring Cups
  • Rubber Gloves
  • ProTouch Hydration Shampoo

A professional bleach detangling procedure restores hair by creating a high pH level, which causes the cuticles to flatten and become smooth.

step one

Setup for Bleach scrub: Draw 4 litres of extremely hot tap water into the sink. Next, pour the 1/4 cup of Bleach into the sink with the hot tap water.

Step Two

Bleach tangle scrub: With the base facing up, carefully place the hair system into the Bleach hot water mixture. As soon as the unit is in the mixture, you can begin gently brushing out the tangles with a vent brush. After a few moments, you should begin to notice the tangles loosen. Continue brushing for up to two minutes.

Quick Tip: We recommend that you brush the tangles out from back to front, concentrating your efforts on the most tangled and knotted areas.

Warning: Do not allow the hair system to be in contact with the Bleach & hot water mixture for more than 2 minutes!

Rinse hair system

step three

Drain the Bleach and hot water from the sink. Then begin to thoroughly rinse warm water through the hair system. While rinsing, keep the base of the system facing up. This will prevent the hair from inverting and tangling again.

Warning: Mixing BLEACH and AMMONIA can produce a chemical reaction that releases a potentially deadly CHLORINE GAS.

Step four

Setup ammonia scrub: Draw another 4 litres of hot tap water into the sink. Pour the 1/4 cup of ammonia into the sink with the hot tap water.

step five

Ammonia scrub: Place system in the sink. Start brushing the hair system again, same as before. Use a wide tooth comb or vent brush and gently comb from back to front for 1 to 2 minutes.

At this point, your hair replacement system should be silky-smooth and tangle-free.

FYI: The majority of tangles should have been removed in Step 2. The ammonia scrub is just to ensure that any traces of acidic chemicals from the Clorox bleach have been removed.

Step six

Drain ammonia mixture: Drain the ammonia and hot water from the sink. Then begin to thoroughly rinse warm water through the hair system again. Remember, while rinsing keep the base of the system facing up so that the hairs will not inverse back through the base. Once the mixture is drained from the sink, take a few minutes to wipe away the ammonia.

step seven

Dry the hair system: To help speed up the drying process, we recommend CAREFULLY folding your hairpiece into a paper towel, then gently applying pressure while blotting dry. There is no need to completely dry the hair, just remove the excess moisture.

After blot-drying your hairpiece, direction-style it with a vent brush or comb.

Quick Tip: For best results, attach the unit to a styrofoam head and gently brush the hair in one direction.

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