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Most people love to have well styled and beautiful hair and using hair extensions or wigs can help them fulfil this desire and get the kind of hair they would love the best. Today the hair replacement industry offers a wide choice to the clients in terms of the types of hair. There are mainly four different types of hair that are used in this industry include - Synthetic hair, Normal human hair (which is further categorized into Chinese hair, Indian hair and European hair etc.), Remy hair and Virgin hair. A detailed description of each of these hair types is given below.


Synthetic hair, as the name suggests, is made from artificial materials such as plastic filaments and modacrylic fibres made to look like natural hair. We offer ample stock of a wide range of best quality synthetic hair manufactured by the well known Kanaka Fugi from Japan, so that you are able to choose from shiny, matt, soft and coarse hair.

Synthetic hair is quite unlike human hair as it is easy to wear and requires minimal maintenance. It can be easily set in various styles and can be washed just like natural hair. In fact, the shorter synthetic hair is also called “shake and go” as it can be worn after simply shaking the hair to sort out any ruffles and make the hair look great. However, longer hair styles created using synthetic hair might need to be styled properly differently.
However, care needs to be taken by avoiding closeness of the synthetic hair with heat sources such as hair dryers, curling or straightening irons, or even open ovens, as it can cause considerable damage to the tresses. In addition, the friction caused by placing hair on pillow covers or wearing caps and helmets over synthetic hair can ruin its look by making it fizzy. With proper care and maintenance, synthetic hair can last between 1-2 years, especially since it is not as affected by oxidation or the damaging effects of UV rays as the human hair. This ensures that this hair does not lose its colour easily keeping it looking beautiful for a long time.


Chinese hair is extremely popular in the hair replacement industry since it is not only available in large quantities but is also quite affordable. However, unlike the European hair which has an oval cross-section, this hair is round, thick, rigid and coarse. To make it market ready, the hair thickness needs to be reduced and its softness enhanced, which many manufacturers ensure by exposing the hair stands to aggressive acid treatment which strips the strands of their cuticle layer, making it opaque and fragile.

To cover this drawback, the hair is then coloured and covered with a layer of silicon to give it a healthy and beautiful appearance. Although the hair initially looks quite attractive, it loses its shine, smoothness and color after a few washes and takes on a dull matte look. Keeping these facts in mind, we offer only the best quality Indian Remy Cuticle hair in all our products.


All our hair replacement products are created using the finest Indian hair as it offers a really smooth and soft texture. The basic structure of Indian hair is quite similar to the Caucasian hair in its basic structure. This hair is collected in large quantities with the cuticle layer in the hair strands having different directions which cause the tresses to become tangled making it useless.

To prevent the problem of tangling, the hair is submitted to chemical treatment for removing the cuticle layer. Although this damages the cuticle layer, the texture of Indian hair is still much better than the Chinese hair. The chemical treatment causes the colour of the hair to become faded reducing its life which can make the hair look dull and matted within a few months.

Irrespective of the above drawbacks, the better quality and value of Indian hair make it a popular choice, especially amongst clients who love to change their hair replacement units frequently. In order to extend the life of this hair, you can use leave in-conditioners that also offer protection from UV rays of the sun to prevent fading of hair colour. You can also choose the dye the hair system to enhance its life and beauty.


Remy hair is also a type of human hair that is processed differently. The hair is cut directly from the head and tagged “root-to-tip”, to ensure that it is processed in the right order. The hair gets its name after the manner in which it is handled and stored, which is from the “root-to-tip”. Since the Remy hair is arranged in the direction of its natural growth, the cuticle layers are in the same direction and hence do not become tangled when the hair is wet.

When this hair undergoes the traditional manufacturing process, the outer layers tend to become tangled a get a matted look. If seen under a microscope, the wet hair looks like a palm tree with the open cuticles creating the impression of a “horny bark”. With the normal blending and ventilation, the hair cuticles open in the opposing directions and when subjected to an acid bath the hair will become tangled and matted when it is wet.

Remy hair is not the virgin hair, and hence the cuticle layer is removed in it as well. Contrary to what many people think, Remy hair is not the best hair system like the European hair as both are entirely different. In addition to the Indian Remy hair, Chinese Remy hair is also available in the market.


The Virgin hair is totally unprocessed and has its cuticle layer still intact as it is not subjected to colouring or perming, whether it is straight or curly.
We can still provide you the finest quality virgin hair, which is essentially the purest and most natural human hair. This type of hair is generally collected from a single person, which is why it is raw and not chemically processed. We assure you that our entire stock of virgin hair is 100% natural and the only process we make it go through is cleaning. This ensures that the cuticle layer is not damaged which in turn keeps the hair damage free and ensures its strength and durability. Given the absolute purity of our Virgin hair it has the colour and texture of “dark brown” or “off black” with a straight, wavy or curly style.

There are many retailers who offer processed hair as virgin hair and hence you need to be extremely careful while buying the same. The virgin hair is naturally beautiful and extremely soft to touch making it the best human hair available in the market as it feels like your own hair.


Generally, European hair is considered to be the most popular type of hair used in the industry. It is natural silk-like softness and wavy style make it one of the best hair systems preferred by most clients. Given the immense popularity and demand for European hair, many retailers try to pass on the thin and soft versions of Chinese and Indian hair as this hair type to their customers.

However, we guarantee to provide you with 100% natural European hair that has not been chemically processed in any manner. With the root-to-top storage and handling system, we assure that all the cuticle layers are intact and the European hair we supply is 100% virgin hair. We can provide this type of hair with 6 inches long after the finishing and can even dye it in a colour of your choice.

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